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Designed in Germany, Made in Europe

At floppiess, we provide you with the lifestyle you desire.

Floppiess believes that diversification is the key to uniting our clients, which is why our categories have been reduced to crumbs. These are the patterns that will elicit your inner desires.

Our Story

We are based in Europe, specifically in Germany. In Germany, the sock industry is not new. The German market is home to many well-known sock brands.

Floppiess, the latest urban socks, was debuted in 2019 with a variety of collections.

We are motivated to nurture floppiess to stay on top of our competition and progress to the next level, We have already had the green light and recognition unto platforms like Etsy, Amazon to name a few.

Colorful, one-of-a-kind, and uniquely designed pieces that reflect our snazzy comfort products give a whole new opportunity for you to let your personality show while immersed in a world of luxury. Socks that are perfect for any occasion and personality.
We’ve added more fantastic things to our inventory, so have a look at all we have. Our socks are produced from 80% cotton, 18% polyamide, and 2% elastane, all of which are of the best quality.

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