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Urban styling with casual looks

At Floppiess, we believe diversification is the remedy that unifies our customers which is why our categories are submerged into crumbs. We have these patterns that will invoke your inner cravings.

Our Company

We are located in Europe,  Germany to be precise. The sock industry is not new in Germany. Many well-known sock brands emanate from the German Market

In 2019, we launched Floppiess; as the latest urban socks with our varied collections.

The brand has survived till now having familiarized with the era of the urban lifestyle for sock lovers across Germany, We are motivated to nurture floppiess to stay on  top of our competitors and proceed to the next level, We have already had the green light and recognition unto platforms like Etsy, Amazon to say the least 



urban hype

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With our Social media platform, you can tag floppiess socks with your selfies. We can however sync your post on request on our Flaunt Style page.

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