what is the essence of wearing urban socks?

what is the essence of wearing urban socks?

What exactly is the definition of urban socks?
Why do we classify them as urban? Ideally from the analogy of socks making to their respective trends in the early 18th century, one could say that socks have made a transcending curve on sock lovers.
It is evident that before this era, old folks used to fancy knee fabric socks which were then current and represented a certain prestige or nobility. But nowadays trendsetters have indulged in a different perspective as far as choosing their design and style of socks. Why they wear “urban” socks, the colloquial term for “modern or colorful” that is just about right considering pattern manufacturers have submerged into.
The new era socks are worn necessarily not for covering the feet against harsh weather anymore but also stylishly made to expose the kind of flare and elegance that matches a specific outfit. Lately, socks are not overlooked as they used to be; now people take notice concerning the kind of socks they put on. It is perceived that the very first woolen socks to be discovered were unearthed at Vindolanda, somewhere in the slum village of the United Kingdom dated back to the 2nd century AD. Who would have believed that socks were even in existence before the concept of apparel like trousers and shirts were born? Clearly, the latter should have come first in this scenario, right? What was so unique about the traditional primary socks and what are the differences between the new colorful and conceptual design sock concepts like Flamingo, Avocado, Cat, Color line-grids, and the like.

Colored socks are naturally catchy and without a question need no further exposition although cannot bout the attention of the new Tesla Roadster/Model Y inadvertently no one can skip the guy with colorful socks as he steps in the room. What caused this transition and why are people more concerned than ever? Because socks seem to be the most disregarded part of an outfit, rarely did people find it interesting wearing colorful socks let alone crazy or awkward designs. But lately, we’ve come across the media hype about excitement friends and family get when they receive colorful socks. Some people’s plan to treat themselves by getting a pair of urban colorful and styling socks every month still remains the top priority. So the next time you think of getting a pair of ordinary socks, just go the extra mile to join the evolution of creative minds by choosing one of our categories be it the Species, Avobana, Trendy, or perhaps the infamous Pothub. Treat yourself, pal, you only live once.
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