the motivation behind Floppiess Socks

the motivation behind Floppiess Socks

At Floppiess, we believe diversification is the remedy that unifies our customers which is why our categories are submerged into crumbs. We have these patterns that will invoke your inner cravings.


PINK – The color showcases a strong and peaceful state of mind, a heart to hold on to always.
BLUE – This color showcases a peaceful state of mind, its light blue appearance blends serenity as well as confidence green with its good luck, and yellow which symbolizes joy and happiness.


EXCLUSIVE POT – The motivation was derived from Cannabis and is one of the few overrated socks that gets more attention and also high orders.
GREEN POT – Our green pot marks off the blend between the colors for our design; black and dark lemon-green Cannabis. PURPLE POT – This combination is a reflection of how Purple Pot fuses all moods, gender, and ages, it is by far most catchy among the hot pub genus.


CAT –  Our Cat category was designed on Grey fabric with different cat breeds. WHALE – Whales are associated with creativity, compassion, and also solitude. FLAMINGO – This category is made to glitter with pinky flamingos on one leg under two resembling fabric colors. LION – This sock brings a different kind of vibe when under your feet.


BEACH – Our trendy beach socks do not only make you miss the beach ambiance but also fondness of its multi-colored lines illuminated as waves sparks a little sunshine in your feet. Try the charm beneath our beach vogue. GUITAR – Guitar-sock lovers will be addicted to our guitar category after all like the ancient acoustic quotes say “Go where the Guitar takes you”. BOBBLE -The concept of bobbles may have been derived from the soap bubbles when exposed to a little bit of light. PUZZLE – At Floppiess, our colorful flavor puzzles make you feel like a Real design Puzzler. just like the quote says “Finding your style is like putting puzzle pieces together”.
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